How to look up audit reports?

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Published 05/07/2021 at 12:22am UTC

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SecureVideo audits certain account activity as a report, such as the editing of users and session. This support article goes over how to run an Audit report. 


This report type requires the Account Administrator role, and goes back to April 6, 2021.


1. Click on the profile icon in the upper right hand corner and select "Reports" from the menu.

Arrow pointing at profile icon, then Reports item



2. Under "Session Usage", click the "Go" button.

"Go" button underneath "Auditing"



3. SecureVideo tracks a number of different things that can be filtered separately. 

  • Action Types: actions taken (variations on adding, editing, deleting something)
    • Accepted: accepting a BAA or proposal/appointment request.
    • Add: associated with adding users, meetings, participants, contacts, branding, recurrence schedules, or Masked Call numbers.
    • Assign: for assigning Masked Call numbers.
    • Cancel: for canceling meetings.
    • Counter sign: counter signing a signed e-document.
    • Create: for creating meetings, users, contacts. 
    • Declined: declining a proposal/appointment request.
    • Delete: for deleting users, branding, contacts, meetings, Masked Call numbers.
    • Download: downloading BAAs or e-documents.
    • Edit: for editing users, branding, contacts, meetings, Masked Call numbers.
    • Remove: for removing meetings, partiicpants, user roles.
    • Reschedule: for rescheduling meetings.
    • Terminate: if the Customer account was terminated.
    • Undelete: if any users were restored by SecureVideo staff (requires request of an Account Administrator).
  • Action Targets: the part of the system that the action was taken against (doing something to Users, or to Meetings, or to something else).
    • Account: creating, editing, or deleting a user account or session participant contact.
    • BAA: requesting, accepting, signing or downloading of the BAA on the account.
    • Branding: Branding on the customer account.
    • Customer: options changes at the customer level (older filter).
    • Document: actions related to e-documents; creating or deleting templates; view, counter signing, and downloading documents.
    • Masked Calling Number: actions associated with the Masked Calling feature settings.
    • Meeting: actions associated with meetings.
    • Meeting Recurrence: changes made to recurrence schedules.
    • Note: viewing, editing, or deleting Session Notes.
    • Options: changes to Options for the organization or individual hosts.
    • Proposal: viewing, accepting, or declining proposals/appointment requests.
    • Recording: viewing or deleting cloud recordings, or editing the recording title or description.
    • Recording Bookmark: adding, editing, or deleting cloud recording bookmarks.

4. The columns returned in the search results are:

  • Date: the date and time (using the timezone on your user account) the action took place.
  • User Id: the user ID of the user that took the action.
    • In some cases, the action may be taken by an automated system of SecureVideos, in which case, this will be a negative number.
  • User Name: the name of the SecureVideo user that took the action.
  • Type: the Action Type. 
  • Target: the Action Target.
  • Target ID: the system ID of the Action Target.
  • Description: a simple description of the action taken.



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